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International Listening Association Dublin Convention 2018 Call for Proposals

1.   Background and key dates
2.   Proposal Form Link
3.   Criteria against which submissions will be analyzed
4.   Contacts

1.  Background and key dates

The International Listening Association (ILA) Annual Convention attracts researchers, educators, practitioners, and individuals interested in Listening from around the world. Our members have produced a body of publications, research, textbooks, and applied training, foundational to understanding this field. Our theme for our 2018 Annual Convention in Dublin, Ireland on the campus of Trinity College is Listening Beyond Boundaries. We are seeking proposals on topics that explore the breadth and depth of listening across diverse perspectives, disciplines, methodologies, theories, and arts, in numerous applied settings, presented using a variety of engaging formats.

The ILA Annual Convention provides a friendly, supportive environment to exchange ideas, receive feedback, unleash curiosity, and find inspiration. The Convention showcases developments in Listening in education, business, healthcare, politics, music and many other fields. It is an opportunity to explore ideas, create fruitful collaborations, celebrate research, and experience Listening like never before.

Although ILA programs are presented in English, we recognize not all attendees are native English speakers. To foster an ideal listening environment and optimize intellectual exchange, please consider word choice and presentation pace to ensure your presentation is accessible to people from many countries and cultures. This is especially important in 2018 when our convention theme is Listening Beyond Boundaries.

We invite presenters from any discipline to submit proposals focusing on the impact of their work and experience. Recognizing the power Listening has to connect, we acknowledge the need to bridge the gap between academia and practice and to open dialogue across countries and cultures.

All presenters are required to register for the convention and pay the convention fee.  Only registered convention participants may attend sessions. ILA members are eligible for reduced convention registration fees. For more information, visit the ILA convention website www.listen.org/Convention

Immediately before the Convention, we also offer a 1 day Professional Development Workshop ‘Listening in Healthcare Settings: New Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities’ on 20 June 2018. You are invited to offer presentations either for the Workshop, or for the Convention, or both.

Key dates

  • Submission of proposals opens: 1 September 2017
  • Submission of proposals closes: 15 January 2018
  • Feedback to proposers: ongoing
  • Convention dates: 20-23 June 2018 

2. Proposal Form please use the form linked here to tell us about your presentation and submit your proposal.  The form is available as a pdf and doc for your convenience.  Pdf version   docx version  (The pdf will open on your browser and offer you the option to download it, depending on your personal settings. The docx will be a downloaded file which you should be able to find in your downloads folder on your hard drive, again depending on your personal settings.)

3.  Criteria against which submissions will be analyzed

This submission is appropriate for the ILA 39th Annual Convention OR this submission is appropriate for the ILA pre-convention Listening in Healthcare Settings: New Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities, Professional Development Day
The submission includes a photo for each presenter
The submission includes each presenter’s contact information
The submission provides keywords
The submission includes information on AV and room set-up needs if any


The submission includes a well written abstract with a clear connection to listening
The submission includes a well written paragraph bio for each presenter
The submission includes a full bio or CV for each presenter appropriate to their field or experience.
The submission includes a video for each presenter (required for TED-like talks, Performance and Webinar, optional for all other formats)
The submission includes an intriguing program title.
The submission includes a well-written and interesting program description for publication.
The submission includes relevant and clear program objectives
The submission is of quality (content and delivery where video is required)
The submission would be of interest to a variety of ILA convention attendees.
Bonus: The submission is tied to the convention theme: Listening Beyond Boundaries

Submit proposals to Jennie Grau jennifer@grauic.com by January 15, 2018 (23:59 US Eastern Time)

4.  Contacts

For any further information or queries, please contact: Jennie Grau jennifer@grauic.com or Helen Ralston helen.ralston@listen.org
For information about the International Listening Association visit www.listen.org
For information about the ILA 39th Annual Convention visit www.listen.org/convention

International Listening Association
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Phone: (001) 952-594-5697
The ILA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

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