ILA Governance--Executive Board & Working Groups

ILA Executive Board

The International Listening Association is governed by the ILA Executive Board. The current Board is as follows: 

  Voting Board Members 

Elected 2017-21


Anita Dorczak

Elected 2018-22

2--1st VP

Lori Joubert

Elected 2019-23

3--1st VP Elect 

Melissa Beall

Elected 2019-21


Vacant after resignation

Appointed 2018-19; Elected 2019-21

5--MAL, Public Relations

Gayle Pohl

Appointed 2018-19, Elected 2019-21 6--MAL, Global Kathy O'Brien

Elected 2018-20

7--2nd VP Membership

Sandra Bodin-Lerner

Elected 2016-18 (2nd VP Membership); 2018-20

8--MAL Special Projects

John Backman

Elected 2018-20

9--Student Member

April French

Elected 2016-20

10--Immediate Past President

Helen Ralston

  Non Voting Board Members 
Appointed 2007 11--Executive Director (non voting) Nanette Johnson-Curiskis

Appointed 2011-14; 2014-17; 2017-20

12--IJL Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year mentor)

Margarete Imhof

Appointed 2013-2016; 2016-19; 2019-22

13--Listening Post Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year mentor)

Gayle Pohl

Hired 09-2016; monthly contract

14--Web Editor (non voting)

Nicole Bodin
Appointed 2012-15; 2015-18; 2018-21 15--Listening Education Editor (non voting) (3 year term; 4th year mentor) Erica Lamm

Elected officers are voting members of the Executive Board.  All Elected Officers (except the 1st Vice President Elect) are elected for 2 year terms. The 1st Vice President Elect is elected for a four year term: the first year as 1st Vice President Elect, the second year as 1st Vice President, the third year as President, the fourth year as Immediate Past President. The Executive Director is required to attend Executive Board meetings but is a non-voting member.  A majority of the voting members of the Board constitutes a quorum of the Board. Quorum for 10 member board is 6.

All elected officers will be limited to a six year term limit, combined across all elected positions. Members may self-nominate or be nominated to serve in an elected position following a three year sabbatical.

Nominations needed when Convention held in ODD numbered years--2 year terms except VP Elect and Nominating Committee; 6 year term limit

1st VP Elect (moves up to VP Elect/Convention Planner, President, Immediate Past President)
MAL Global
5 Nomination committee Members

Nominations needed when Convention held in EVEN numbered Years--2 year terms except VP Elect and Nominating Committee; 6 year term limit

1st VP Elect (moves up to VP Elect/Convention Planner, President, Immediate Past President)
2nd VP Membership
Student Member
MAL Special Projects
5 Nomination committee Members

Working Groups 2019-20

The Board is supported by the following working groups which advance the practice, teaching, and research of listening internationally in specialist areas leading the world in listening practices, teaching and research. Membership is open to all ILA members. If you are interested in serving, contact the ILA President (see link above for email address).  The nomination comimittee members are elected yearly.  The 2019-20 groups are as follows:

Nan Johnson-Curiskis, Chair
Harvey Weiss

TBD, Chair

TBD, Chair

Bylaws Revision
First VP-Elect and Secretary, Co-Chairs
Melissa Beall and TBD Secretary

Convention 2019 Local Arrangements
First VP, Lori Joubert, Chair

Convention Proposal Reviewers
First VP, Lori Joubert
Research chair
Education chair
Healthcare chair
Business chair

Certified Listening Professional

Education (formerly Elementary/Secondary/Curriculum/Assessment)
Mary Lahman, Chair
Charles Fischer, Chair-Elect

Financial Review
First VP-Elect, and Secretary, Co-Chairs,
Melissa Beall & TBD Secretary
Kae Van Engen, volunteer member
Executive Director

Global Outreach
Member-at-Large #3, Global, 
Chair, Kathy O'Brien

Health Care
TBD, Chair
Chair-Elect, TBA

Second VP, Chair
Sandra Bodin-Lerner 

NCA Rep--Philip Tirpak

Nominations (members may serve 2 consecutive years--elected yearly)
SA Welch, Chair
Michael Z Murphy (2nd year), Co-Chair
Manny Steil
Bob Finder
Nancy Salisbury

TBD, Chair
TBD, Chair-Elect
1st VP
Member at Large--PR
IJL Editor
Web Editor
Listening Post Editor

Public Relations
Member-at-Large #1 PR, Chair, Gayle Pohl

TBD, Chair
Chair-Elect, TBA

Special Projects
Member-at-Large #2, Special Projects, ChairJohn Backman

The chairs of the standing groups appointed by the President are:



Education (formerly Elementary/Secondary/Curriculum/Assessment)



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The ILA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

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