10 Irritating Listening Habits

Do you ever find yourself falling into any of these habits?

  • Interrupting the speaker
  • Not looking at the speaker
  • Rushing the speaker and making him feel that he's wasting the listener's time
  • Showing interest in something other than the conversation
  • Getting ahead of the speaker and finishing her thoughts
  • Not responding to the speaker's requests
  • Saying, "Yes but...," as if the listener has made up his mind
  • Topping the speaker's story with "That reminds me..." or "That's nothing, let me tell you about..."
  • Forgetting what was talked about previously
  • Asking too many questions and details

Larry Barker & Kittie Watson, Listen Up

10 Poor Listening Habits

Effective listeners do their best to avoid these habits

  • Calling the subject uninteresting
  • Criticizing the speaker &/or delivery
  • Getting over-stimulated
  • Listening only for facts (bottom line)
  • Not taking notes or outlining everything
  • Faking attention
  • Tolerating or creating distractions
  • Tuning out difficult material
  • Letting emotional words block the message
  • Wasting the time difference between speed of speech and speed of thought

Nichols, R. G. and L. A. Stevens (1957). Are you listening? New York, McGraw-Hill.

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