ILA Coaching/Mentoring Program

Would you like to benefit from more wisdom and experience?

The ILA Coaching/Mentoring Program offers the prospect for any, or all of us, to be paired with a Coach/Mentor/Sounding Board who is a leader in the field of Listening.  This presents a rare opportunity for both parties to grow and develop. This is a members-only benefit —  another reminder of the advantages you enjoy as an ILA member.  Join

Some ways you might benefit from having an ILA Coach/Mentor/Sounding Board, or being one, are these. You can:

  • Receive insights in your specialist area of study
  • Discuss ideas for new research
  • Share your work with an expert who has published in the field
  • Discuss strategies for moving forward with your work
  • Learn about research and other listening work you can build upon
  • Enjoy having someone to ‘bounce ideas’ with in your exploratory work
  • Discuss business issues with a confidential sounding board
  • This opportunity is generously offered by experienced ILA members ‘pro bono’ – no reward is expected, or permitted.  Frequency, and type, of contact is to be agreed between the people involved.  Many relationships are conducted across time zones and even continents; so communication format is worked out by the individuals.  

Hear What Members Are Saying

Relationships are confidential.  The ILA is not liable for the services provided by the Coach/Mentor, or for the professional conduct of the Coach/Mentor or Coachee/Mentee during this relationship.  Both parties are entrusted to conduct themselves with due care and professionalism.  ILA’s Coaching/Mentoring Program Guidelines contain more information.

If you would like to explore this great opportunity, send your completed enquiry form to ILA Board Member, Kathy O’Brien: kathy.obrien@listen.org.  Join the ILA to take advantage of this program.

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