The ILA Listening Times February 2024

  1. The Wholehearted Leadership Podcast recently had our ILA President, Raquel Ark, as a guest, speaking about ‘Listening as a Power Skill for Leaders’. As the world moves more quickly, time-stressed leaders are becoming poorer at Listening to their team members. This may stifle creativity and innovation. Employees who feel unseen, unheard and unappreciated may become disengaged:https://www.magneticinfluencemethod.com/podcasts/wholehearted-podcast-2/episodes/2148250308.  
  2.  We have three exciting ILA Online events happening in March! On March 4th 11-12 (US Central Time). ‘Empathy Circles as the Foundational Empathy Movement Practice’ Edwin Rutsch, founding director of The Empathy Center will introduce his new $10 million Empathy Center in California and introduce the Empathy Circle practice demonstrating how it can be used for conflict resolution. Registration on zoom (free to members and first-time visiting non-members) donations appreciated! https://www.listen.org/page-1860506 
  3.  On March 9th 12:00 am- 1:00 am US Central Time; 5pm Australian Eastern Time, join Stephen Hill, Emeritus Professor of the University of Wollongong, Australia as he discusses what worked in his United Nations initiatives across many countries and cultures.  He starts from the most extreme end of 'difference' - Listening from modern culture to remote indigenous tribes, and then moves on to common contemporary life boundaries, observing what can go wrong. Stephen then explores where Listening must go - beyond words - in particular whenListening to the 'excluded' and dealing with situations of trauma. He concludes with Listening at home and locally, demonstrating the critical importance of care: https://www.listen.org/page-1860509 
  4.  We are excited about another ILA Online event on March 20th 11am-12pm (US Central Time) on ‘Narrative Listening’. ILA member Michael Humphrey and Katie Mitchell at Colorado State University have researched Listening that focuses on the narrative identity of the speaker by Listening for language that hints at the stories living just beneath the surface. They will share their experience, including their novel method for collecting data. Register to receive a Zoom link: https://www.listen.org/page-1860507 
  5.  This post came from a conversation between ILA member Colin Smith and Alan Krieger, both focused on strategic communication for leaders, but from different perspectives. They co-authored this article with a focus on strategic Listening. https://teamcommunicationstyles.com/the-listener-tips-for-strategic-listening/ 
  6.  ILA member Sheila Bentley is exhibiting her art in an exhibition entitled ‘Twists of Nature’ February 12- March 31 at Memphis Botanic Garden. With a sprinkle of humor and a hint of mystery, she asks the question ‘what if….?’ 
  7.  Raquel Ark and Colin Smith have been hosting Listening Circles Training for members of the ILA since September 2021. They have launched a second session to make things easier for those in the Far East, Australia and New Zealand, Hawaii. On February 27th the new session will begin at 8am UK Time, 2am Central US Time. There is also the regular session at 2pm UK Time, 8am Central US Time. Please share this news with those ILA Members you know who might be interested. If you miss this one, there will be more! https://www.listen.org/page-1860508 
  8.  ILA Member Laura Janusik has been speaking on the ‘Respected and Connected’ podcast about ‘Navigating Relationships Through Better Listening’: https://www.respectedandconnected.com/podcast/b/ep-113?fbclid=IwAR3J-Sk_HQEDTU4uVPWqkG0Vool1gu4vdpxRxMuZ47PPe60Kr9N6-dVSbso 
  9.  We want to thank the ILA membership, for your active participation in the recent ILA Elections. The newly Board and Nominating Team members will officially assume their roles after the ILA Convention in June 2024. Over the next five months, they will partner with our current Board Members in an onboarding process. Congratulations to all newly elected and re-elected members and our deepest appreciation to those completing their terms in June. We will do more celebrating at that time. 
  10.  If Listening is so beneficial to leadership and business, why isn't it practiced or taught more often in the workplace? Why aren't most employees listened to the way they want to be? In the current ZUHÖREN.DRAUSSEN podcast episode, ILA Board Member Alexandra Perl talks to Gruden Höpker about the role that Listening plays at work. 
  11.  Check out this podcast created by ILA Members Tom Kaden and Michael Gingerich with ILA Board Member Annie Rappeport, ‘Catalyzing a Movement’. Annie is an academic, an artist, and an advocate. Her primary research field is international peace studies: https://www.someonetotellitto.org/podcasts/the-someone-to-tell-it-to-podcast/episodes/2148508255 and join us in celebrating as ILA member Michael Gingerich, ‘Someone To Tell It To’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO is honored with the ICON Award by the Central Penn Business Journal. His capacity to Listen, to care for and to appreciate others, regardless of differences has earned him this award. 
  12.  A warm welcome to all our new members this month from across the world. You will be very welcome at any, and all, of our ILA events both online and in person. 




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