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    The Listening Times August 2020

    1.   ILA Affiliate organization ‘Leaders Today’ published a set of guidelines called ‘6 Steps to Support Your Virtual Team Through Change’. A key sentence is this: “The simple fact of listening to people’s concerns is a powerful way of reducing their stress and building trust.”https://www.leaderstoday.co/blog/6-steps-to-support-your-virtual-team-through-change?fbclid=IwAR3AY5PbTXUKzloBnrOjnO4tWUjbdkHVaLYb4LGcEbv-UQbwMCDoSqpty-8

    2.   We had another great online event in preparation for the ILA International Day of Listening. ILA Board Members Lori Joubert and Krishna Naineni gave us fascinating insights into cross-cultural listening. Our next online event is September 3 ‘Plan your Activity for the ILA International Day of Listening’. Register at https://listen.org/event-3849727

    3.   ILA member Victor Pierau was privileged to present a copy of his book ‘Leadership in Listening’ to Jean-Pelé Fomété, from the United Nations at the Peace Palace in the Hague.

    4.   ILA member, Jim Macnamara of the University of Technology in Sydney has completed his latest book 'Beyond Post-Communication: Challenging Disinformation, Deception, and Manipulation'. Ranging from trolls to deceptive advertising, PR, and political campaigning, he identifies strategies for communication professionals, industry associations, media organizations, educators, legislators, regulators, and citizens to challenge post-communication and post-truth  https://lnkd.in/gQ4FFiF. Check out the ILA website for more books by ILA authors https://listen.org/books-and-articles-by-ILA-members

    5.   The ILA is proud to present a new edition of our Listening Education journal for summer 2020 including teaching activities; listening research in medical education; and teaching listening to non-native speakers LE2020 Volume 10. If you have contributions for the journal, email Dr. Erica Lamm at LEeditor@listen.org.

    6.   Donna Fogelsong of Virginia Tech is teaching an online course for educators on the connections between language, literacy and culture emphasizing how school educators can utilize cultural background knowledge, linguistic resources and cultural relevance in their teaching.

    7.   Did you see the interview with Rita Moreno, one of USA Today’s Women of the Century, including her views on bravery (still hard), her journey (not over) and the importance of listening (we must do better).

    8.   The ‘Handbook of Listening’ edited by ILA member Debra Worthington and Graham Bodie has been published – a very comprehensive overview of the field of Listening https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/The_Handbook_of_Listening.html?id=oomnugEACAAJ&redir_esc=y 

    9.   Have you seen these funny videos about Active Listening? Some ILA Members use them to teach Listening - or just for a treat:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP55nA8fQ9I on parenting

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VOubVB4CTU broken giraffe

    10. ILA Member, Marc Wong writes regularly about his work in Listening. Some examples are: Combating Ideological Rage http://bit.ly/2nNEEeM; Toward Global Cooperation:

    http://bit.ly/2lohGdj; The Parable of the Long Spoons:


    How "I Love You" Breaks Many 'Listening Techniques:


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