The ILA Listening Times November 2022

1. “Let’s Keep Talking About How Organizations Need to Listen Better”. On Monday, December 5th 3-4pm (US Central Time), Professor Jim Macnamara has kindly agreed to continue his previous presentation on ‘Why & How Organizations Need to Listen Better’. This is an opportunity to ask questions and take a deeper dive into Organizational Listening. If you missed the first session, ILA members are welcome to check it out on the ILA website. Register for the next session at https://listen.org/Meet-Up/ Monday, December 5th 3- 4pm (US Central Time)

2. ILA member Laura Janusik has been presenting at Global Entrepreneur Week in Kansas City on ‘Two Secret Listening Strategies for Entrepreneurs’ providing tips for entrepreneurs to help to increase trust and likability, which increases their chances of making a sale.

3. ILA member Oscar Trimboli has released his new book: ‘How to Listen - discover the hidden key to better communication’ – a comprehensive aid to Listening in the workplace: https://www.oscartrimboli.com/howtolisten/


4. Registration is open for the 44th ILA hybrid Convention July 26-29, 2023 in Mainz, Germany. All are welcome to register here. The theme is “Discovering the Impact of Listening to Every Voice”.

5. Thanks to all who submitted ILA Annual Convention proposals for the 2023 International ILA Convention to be held in Germany. The submissions have been reviewed and we will let you know the status very soon. Please be patient as the team all have their “normal” jobs amidst this process. Because we want to have amazing experience at our 44th Annual ILA Convention, if your proposal is accepted, please know:

• We may give you feedback and ask you to fine-tune further your presentation

• We will have meet-ups with all speakers where you can “test” your idea out with your audience and help each other get better (while building community)

• We will have communication coaches and hybrid experts available to support your needs and the needs of the convention

• We will have templates to help design your talk so that audiences can listen to you with ease.

• We will have lots of fun “listening" and enjoy the process!  

6. ILA Affiliate organization the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid will be holding their third international listening meeting to promote and disseminate the culture of listening. This year's title is "The Transformative Meaning of Listening on the Canvases of Future Horizons: how can listening help us face new challenges?" It will take place on December 14th from 11:30-18:30, face-to-face and online from 12:00-13:20 and 14:45-15:00. ILA member Corine Jansen will be speaking. This is a free meeting, in Spanish but there will be simultaneous translation into English. Corine's workshop will be in English with translation: https://www.ufv.es/international-listening-meeting/  

7. ILA member Jennie Grau has discovered a new podcast, specifically, this episode which focuses on the research of Julia Minson, Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She studies conversational receptivity. Jennie says “We might call it Listening”! (You might want to skip the advert near the beginning).


8. ILA member Cynthia Hazel will be standing down as Chair of the ILA Education Team. Many thanks to Cynthia for her creativity and leadership. We so much enjoyed Cynthia’s ILA Convention presentation with such beautiful photographs. We are delighted that Marva Shand McIntosh has been appointed to take over as Chair of the ILA Education team. Congratulations, Marva. We look forward to seeing what you and your team will do. All ILA members are eligible to join this team so contact info@listen.org to join the fun.

9. A warm welcome to all our new ILA members especially highlighting this month Brian from Minnesota.  

10. Most of us will know that the ILA has many followers on various social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We are glad to announce that we now also have an account on the new social media platform Mastodon. Please check us out there at ILA Listening. We are just learning how to use it and comments are welcome.


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