ILA Listening Times, July, 2022

1. ILA member Jim Macnamara, keynote speaker at our Dublin ILA international convention, has published a report reviewing and synthesizing 10 years of research on organizational listening: 'Organizational Listening in Public Communication: Emerging Theory and Practice'. It summarizes all three stages of The Organizational Listening Project + cognate studies to show consistent patterns and findings. It is available online for free download https://lnkd.in/deKkZAbB

2. ILA members Ebele Chukwujama in Nigeria and Raquel Ark in Germany worked together on Raquel’s Listening Alchemy podcast. Another example of international ILA partnership. 

3. ILA member Melina Ponak draws our attention to this article from the Harvard Business Review where the authors contrast trampoline-style listening with sponge-style listening: https://hbr.org/2016/07/what-great-listeners-actually-do  “...good listeners are like trampolines. They are someone you can bounce ideas off of - and rather than absorbing your ideas and energy, they amplify, energize, and clarify your thinking. They make you feel better…”.

3. ILA member Graham Bodie has been speaking at the Trust Network on ‘Community Cohesion Building’ and ‘Bringing Americans Together Across Differences’.

4. A warm ILA welcome to all our new members this month, especially Chris, Allen, Douglas, Donna and Moshe from Israel, Canada, Malaysia and the USA. 

5. Sandra Bodin-Lerner, ILA Board Member suggested an opportunity that might interest ILA members in New Jersey, USA. The New Jersey Department of Education is conducting their five-year review of the English Language Arts standards for K-12. They have a call for participants from all industries/stakeholder groups to serve on one of four committees. Since Listening has been underrecognized in the current standards, New Jersey ILA members might be interested in serving on any of the four committees. Details at: https://www.nj.gov/education/broadcasts/2022/june/29/NJDOESeeksInputonEnglishLanguageArtsandMathematicsStandards.pdf

6. ILA member Corine Jansen has been speaking to the Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria on ‘The Art of Listening’ emphasizing ‘listening with’ rather than ‘listening to’.

7. Ebele Chukwujama’s Listening School has partnered with Heirs Life Assurance to design a program that enhances leadership capabilities, promotes real-time problem solving, and increases productivity through Listening Intelligence.

8. We are looking forward to our next online event on August 22, 9-10 am (Central Time) presented by Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden, Co-Founders and Co-Chief Encouragement Officers at ‘Someone To Tell It To’. In the 10 years since the creation of ‘Someone To Tell It To’, its teams of Listeners and Listening trainers have had more than 15,000 Listening interactions and have trained more than 700 people in the art and science of Listening.  They have seen how being listened to helps to heal people's grief, loneliness, shame, fear, and relationships. Registration is free to ILA members and opens two weeks before the event. Check out https://listen.org/ILA-Mini-Series2

9. Check out this video of our ILA Board Member, Kathy O’Brien interviewing Michelle Saw of Dell Technologies about Listening in business: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6939210938600325120/

10. 43 years ago, our Founder and No.1 Member, Lyman ‘Manny’ Steil created the International Listening Association. We now have members in 25+ countries worldwide. Happy birthday, Manny. 

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