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The ILA Listening Times May 2021

  • In 2021 we have had the most extensive and comprehensive ILA Convention ever! Not the usual three-day event but for 3 months from March through May we have been treated to interesting and diverse Listening presentations. Many thanks to presenters, organizers, facilitators, attendees and all involved. Keep watching for more great online events.
  • ILA member Graciela Arizmendi presented her Ph.D. research at an international conference on 2nd Language Listening in Chile. Speakers came from all over the world including Japan, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Australia and Asia to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of working with technology-enhanced Listening.
  •  ILA member Susan Timm attended ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ by Illinois Community Colleges focusing on Inclusive and Accessible Educational Technologies. Susan has also won the Elgin YWCA Education Award nominated by her amazing school Elgin Community College. Many congratulations!
  •  Check out this Instagram live chat https://www.instagram.com/p/COu63Dmnz8e/ Gayle Payne is talking about Art and Listening, Mental Health Awareness and the ILA International Day of Listening.
  • A warm ILA welcome to our new members this month: Jim, Nancy and Andrew - all from the USA. We look forward to getting to know you all.
  • We have another great free online event for healthcare professionals on June 1st. Hear how community nurses shared their experiences facing covid with ILA members Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden from ILA Partner organization Someonetotellitto. Free registration on the ILA website at https://listen.org/event-4294218
  •  Check out the latest edition of our ILA International Journal of Listening available online including Listening for Young Adult EFL Learners: Metacognitive Intervention through L1
  •  ILA Member Laura Hargraves has published a book ‘That is Not What I Said’ exploring the fact that what we hear is not always what is meant. The book explores the art of Listening with your child and enables us to discover the magic and fun of communicating with clarity! https://www.laurashargraves.com/
  • Did you know that you are an Ambassador? Every ILA member can be an ambassador for Listening and making the world a better place. Did you know that the more that ILA members mention the ILA on social media (including ‘likes’ ‘comments’ and ‘re-tweets’), the more the world gets to know about Listening and the ILA. When you want to mention the ILA just start typing @internationallisteningassociation and it pops up for you. Click on the pop up and it will reference the ILA when people read it. The hashtags we use are #ilalistening and #internationallisteningassociation and you can type those in at the end.
  • ILA member Jennie Grau and Christopher Ruge have been interviewed about on Listening and Autism at www.oscartrimboli.com/podcast/087/
  • Listening Leadership Opportunity. Would you like to get more involved with ILA membership? The ILA Buddy System needs a coordinator. You will be pairing new members with current ones to help joiners to feel at home in the ILA community. You do not need to be well-connected within ILA as we have already set up the structure; you just need organisational skills and a desire to make the ILA experience enjoyable for everyone. This a great opportunity to get to know more ILA members and develop your own leadership skills. Contact Kathy O’Brien: kathy.obrien@listen.org
  • ILA member Tamsin Hartley, author of The Listening Space: A New Approach to Personal Discovery, has kindly agreed to give us an Encore Presentation of ‘The Drama Triangle’ on June 3 at 10.30am (US Central) . Drama in interactions creates negative consequences for all involved.  Gaining awareness of when we are in “drama” and mastering simple tools to manage these situations can bring mutual benefit to ourselves, our families and our colleagues. Register on the ILA website at https://listen.org/event-4309457

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