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Updated Convention News
The ILA Board voted unanimously at the September, 2020 meeting to hold a “virtual-only” 2021 convention.  All sessions will be spread out over a period of three months and not held during the previously scheduled convention time.  Proposals accepted through January 21, 2021

If you are interested in being one of the “convention tech committee members” to help schedule and design convention sessions, please contact Melissa.Beall@listen.org

The Listening Times October 2020

1.   A warm welcome to more new ILA members this month especially Elisha Dudley, Lou Hunnebeck, Joel Parker, Garry Tan and Jill Tolles. We look forward to working with you to extend Listening even further into the world.

2.   Many ILA members are adapting to new ways of working during the pandemic. S.A. Welch, a professor of communication at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, talks about how teaching and listening in a pandemic has put a new twist on things: "Teaching simultaneously in-person and online has been one heck of a wild ride for me. My tip to others is, rather than being upset with yourself for what you cannot do, step back and see what you CAN do - and, always, laugh often - even at yourself!”

3.   Donna Jessie Fortune Fogelsong is running classes on Virtual Teaching to assist teachers to adopt new strategies and techniques in this virtual world

4.   Annie Rappeport shared her dissertation proposal with faculty mentors. Her study will combine archive creation and analysis with qualitative interviews to answer questions related to how listening to memory of genocide can be used to facilitate reconciliation and peace building.

5.  Teri Varner's Active Listening students at St. Edward's University in Texas were treated to a special lecture 'Listening and Leadership in a Time of Pandemic', featuring Shane Safir, a writer, coach, and facilitator who has worked in public education for over 20 years. Her work focuses on creating brave spaces for tackling educational equity.

6.  ILA Affiliate organization 'Leaders Today' is offering express online coaching in three sessions! Learn more at: https://buff.ly/3dVj5ht

7.  Another ILA Affiliate organization, Kittie Watson's 'Innolect' presented their new “Bridge-builders for Social Justice” services helping leaders to create safe spaces to listen to employee concerns without defensiveness.

8.  Susan Timm enjoyed the '2020 Achieving the Dream Data and Analytics Summit' that focused on dismantling barriers and biases which can inadvertently promote inequities and hide in institutional processes.

9.  Phil Tirpak and his colleagues have spent more than two years of hard work developing the Assessment of the Oral Communication Competencies that became the first faculty-created assessment to be adopted by the entire Virginia Community College System.

10.  Welcome to another new ILA Affiliate organization, ATOIRE Communications. Michael Gilbert's ATOIRE Communications is part of an international consortium, providing training and consulting services in interpersonal communication. Their philosophy is that listening and interacting are at the heart of communication which occurs when a receiver understands a message in the way the sender intended it be understood.

11.  We are proud to announce that Debra Worthington has been appointed to the ILA Board as Immediate Past President, through March 2021, to replace Anita Dorczak who has resigned. Debra has been a member of the ILA for nearly 20 years. She is an outstanding educator and researcher and recently published the Handbook of Listening co-authored with Graham Bodie.  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/book/10.1002/9781119554189

12.  As a sequel to his 2018 'Kyoto Manifesto' book, Stephen Hill in Australia is working on 'The Kyoto Manifesto II for Global Economics: Surviving Our Shattered World - Embracing the Circle of Wholeness'. Listening - beyond voice, Listening - beyond culture, Listening - beyond the economic-framed disguises of life that hide even the existential reality of our mortality, are centrally involved.

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