The ILA Listening Times March, 2023

1. This month we have new ILA members from Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, China and the USA. A warm ILA welcome to Larry, Sams, Franziska, Laurie, Joanna, Bea, Ravi Kiran, Shresthaa, Tooba, Devon, Cassandra, Lijun, Nafeesa, Madison, Michael, Lev and Brett. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your interest in Listening.

2. Our ILA President, Raquel Ark, has co-authored a book entitled ‘Redefining the Rules: Incredible Women On How To Embrace Equity’. Raquel’s chapter describes how embracing equity is only possible with intentional Listening. It is available on Amazon and other booksellers. Congratulations, Raquel!

3. ILA Board Member Sandra Bodin-Lerner has been interviewed by Dan Lyons for his book: ‘The Power of Keeping Your Mouth Shut’. He has a chapter called ‘The Professor of Listening’, based on a conversation with Sandra about her Listening class at Kean University and about the ILA. Time magazine featured him on the cover: https://time.com/6248092/talking-less-will-get-you-more/

4. ILA Board Member Alex Perl can be heard on this German listening initiative podcast https://zuhoeren-der-podcast.podigee.io/3-new-episode. Alex trains the volunteers and speaks at events to promote Listening in the world. She has also participated in Mental Health First Aid Training which explores how valuable listening can be for mental health issues.

5. ILA member Melina Ponak has sent this invitation: "Which way would you like to be listened to today?" Visit her newly launched website: Women's Listening Space to learn about this upcoming network of like-minded women who further their goals through one-on-one listening sessions. All members listen and are heard in equal turns and on their own terms.

6. We have a number of ILA Online Events happening in April. All free for ILA members:

a. April 4th 3-4pm US Central Time: “Let’s Talk About ILA Partnerships & Collaborations”. Many great projects have resulted from ILA members working together. Come to share your experiences of ILA partner collaborations, and discuss what kinds of partnerships you would like to consider https://listen.org/page-1860458

b. April 19th 11-12 US Central Time: “Let’s Talk About Intercultural Communication”. Come and meet people from around the world and discover new ways to think and talk about Listening: https://listen.org/Exchange part of the US national week of conversation.

c. April 26th 2-3am US Central Time and 12-1pm US Central Time: “Are you presenting an online or hybrid program at the 2023 ILA Convention? Listening Trainers, Alexandra Perl, and Susanne Conrad will discuss best practices including, technics, mindset, methods, and roles https://listen.org/page-1860479 and https://listen.org/page-1860481

7. ILA member Laura Janusik has been speaking at International Coaching Federation events on “Strategic Silence: The Key to Holding Space” and at the ICF Gulf Coast Conference on the subject: “Pause and Listen”.

8. ILA Board Member Juliana Tafur has been acting as senior producer on a series designed to bridge divides across complex societal issues, with Palestinian-American comedian, Mo Amer as the host: https://lnkd.in/eBF-iEDb

9. ILA members Tom Kaden and Michael Gingerich were privileged to share their Listening, experiences in healthcare with doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA. It is in seeing beyond the diagnosis, into the glimpses of another’s dreams and fears where hope, release, and healing begins.

10. ILA member Guy Itzchakov has been honored with the Early Career Research Award from the Attitudes and Social Influence Interest Group of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Israel.

11. ILA Board Member, Annie Rappeport has finished her PhD from the University of Maryland USA. Many congratulations, Dr Rappeport!

12. ILA member, Corine Jansen has been accepted as a speaker at the COMET 2023 Conference in Ireland June 20-22 which brings together scholars from different disciplines with an interest in healthcare research in communication. Corine’s topic is ‘Listening WITH a human being is an ethical choice’.

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