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The ILA Listening Times June 2021

1. ILA member Mohammed Alnughaimish conducted an inhouse Listening workshop for AlAnbaa, one of the leading newspapers in Kuwait. The workshop was attended by all staff including the Editor-in-Chief, Yousef AlMarzooq. A translation of the Arabic title is "Please! Listen to Me!".

2. ILA member Alex Perl has been appointed as the Chair of the ILA Business Team. Congratulations, Alex! All are welcome to join the team. Get in touch to find out more.

3. The ILA Listening in Business team are leading a Summer Book Club for ILA members to discuss books that have an impact on Listening. Keven Kelly and Alex Perl will kick-start this initiative, and would love for you to participate. Start reading ‘You’re Not Listening’ by Kate Murphy and join ILA members to discuss the book on Thursday, July 22nd, 8-9am (US Central Time). Free registration will be live on July 8 for ILA members at www.listen.org

4. ILA Member S.A. Welch has drawn our attention to this article:Practice mindful listening to get the most out of your conversations | The Optimist Daily. Listening mindfully does not eliminate distractions or defensive feelings, but it allows us to notice these things without judgment so that we can redirect our attention to the speaker, helping us to pause and reflect on the root of whatever feelings are triggered so that we can cultivate compassion instead of lashing out defensively.

5. Does your friend need a Listening ear? Do you ever find that you are not the right one to meet that need? ILA Partner organization Someone To Tell It To has a team of trained, independent, and confidential Listeners who are ready to be of encouragement and support. Contact Tom Kaden and Michael Gingerich at michaelandtom@someonetotellitto.org or check out www.someonetotellitto.org.

6. ILA member Marva Shand McIntosh was honored to present a copy of her poem ‘Today I Will Listen’ to His Excellency Daniel Mulhall, Ambassador for Ireland to the United States at the launching of the Ambassador Dialogue Series at the International Trade Center in Washington D.C.

7. The ILA Diversity Initiatives Planning Team meets every second Tuesday of the month from 10-11am USA Central Time. Contact Teri Varner at teriv@stedwards.edu for more information.

8. Check out this two-minute video about Listening to what our kids say about their teachers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgZtnZkdM2M

9. A warm ILA welcome to all new members this month including Theo and Ansley from the USA and Saj from the UK. All members are welcome to join any and all of our activities: online webinars, coaching/mentoring program, International Day of Listening and many more. There are also unique resources on the ILA website www.listen.org

10. New for International Journal of Listening ‘Can Listening Hurt You? A Meta-analysis of the Effects of Exposure to Trauma on Listener’s Stress’ by Avraham Kluger & Tzvi Michelson.  Be sure to login to the ILA website to gain access.

11. On July 24, Raquel Ark will be doing a Tedx talk in Nuremburg on Listening: https://tedxnuremberg.com. They will be selling tickets on July 3 and 4 and Raquel would love your company. Beforehand she is running an online survey asking, "Can you think of a moment when somebody listened to you in such a way that it made a difference? What is one word to describe this Listening”. The more people who respond, the better. Raquel will use the results in her Tedx talk. This is the link to the survey: https://www.menti.com/27bbdirkwa/0

12. Nicole Bodin has stepped down from her position as ILA Web Editor after nearly five years. She has recently set up a new business venture and become engaged to be married. Thank you, Nicole for all your contribution. Best wishes for your future life and career.

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