Media by Members

https://someonetotellitto.org/blog/ ILA Partner organization ‘Someone to Tell It To’ provides compassionate Listening where everyone matters.

www.onListening.net  Daniel Rosen's podcasts invite people to share their insights and experiences of listening to others, to their own bodies, to data, and to themselves.

https://www.ListenersUnite.com Linda Eve Diamond's website Listener's Unite includes a library of listening quotes, resources, poems about listening, memes, and more.  

http://corinejansen.com/2017/01/08/a-close-reader-illness/ A Close Reader of Illness by Corine Jansen describes how listening to patient narratives will let the care provider restore the central role of the patient’s own story in the healing process  

www.thelisteningmuse.blogspot.com Kay Lindahl’s blog

http://www.8steplisten.com/blog/4 Marc Wong’s blog

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