ILA Announces The Exchange

Are you #workingfromhome ? Are your #classescancelled ? We are delighted to confirm that the ILA program of online events continues!

Exciting News:  The International Listening Association Announces:

An ILA online event to provide members with fun, interactive, fresh perspectives on listening.  If you are not a member, you are invited to join the ILA to take part in this event

What Does Blue Sound Like?

Experience color through your ears as well as through your eyes. Explore color’s communicative potential in this innovative way. Artist, Ellen Hackl Fagan will introduce us to the Reverse Color Organ as we consider whether there is an existing innate universal language of the sounds of color.

Come prepared to meet people from around the world and to participate in activities that engage you in new ways to think and talk about Listening!

When: October 26, 2020 (Registration will open approximately 2 weeks before the event)
Time:  8 AM Central US
Duration: 60 minutes
Where: online, Zoom meeting link and information will be provided with your confirmation e-mail message
Questions:  ILAOnlineEvents@listen.org

About Ellen Hackl Fagan

Ellen Hackl Fagan is an abstract painter who builds connections between color and sound using installations, an interactive web app, and collaborative projects that combine color-saturated paintings with sound.

The Reverse Color Organ (RCO) is an interactive web app that enables users to build a language that pairs colors with sounds, using their droid, or smartphones as a synaesthetic tool. Unlike earlier color organs, the Reverse Color Organ presents this blended synaesthetic language from a painter’s perspective; that colors’ communicative properties include aural equivalents. The RCO has gone through five major phases working in collaboration with programmers, scientists and composers throughout this thirteen-year development.

www.odettagallery.com https://reversecolororgan.com

Link to Exchange Recordings--available for 2 weeks following an Exchange event for Members Only

Members: Please login to gain access to the recording for this exchange

Meet Our Online Event Presenters

Anita Dorczak
Carey Haslam
Corine Jansen
Debra Worthington
Ellen Hackl Fagan
Donna Fogelsong
Graham Bodie
Jennifer Grau
Irene Gottgens
Kathy O'Brien
Kat Koppett
Livia Walker
Marc Wong
Marva Shand McIntosh
Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden
Christopher John Ruge
Sheila Bentley
Tamsin Hartley

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