The Struggle to Be Human, Dr. Ralph Nichols

 In February 1980, Dr. Ralph Nichols--the "father of the study of listening"--presented the keynote address to the International Listening Association's first annual convention. The convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The speech is printed in its entirety at the link below

The focus of this speech is on resolving controversy/conflict by fully understanding our opponents and making ourselves fully understood. Nichols addresses three issues:
(1) listening contributions of ten individuals who have laid the foundation for the ILA;
(2) the relationship between ILA’s goals and Maslow’
s hierarchy of human needs; 
(3) eleven principles as well as an action plan to guide the ILA in scientifically proving that “understanding and being understood” is essential not only to reducing external and internal conflict but also to making ourselves more fully human.

The Struggle to be Human

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