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ILA Top Convention Paper Award (Sponsored by the Research Committee)

Laura Janusik, Teri Varner (2020) - "Tools and strategies an individual chooses to use, consciously or unconsciously, to create . . . meaning"

Debra Worthington, Shaughan Keaton, Margarete Imhof, & Tuula-Riitta Valikoski (2015) - Examining the Highs & Lows: The Influence of Individual Noise Sensitivity on Mobile Phone Attitudes & Behaviors

Franca Ferrari, Rosanne Vogel, and Barbara Lynch (2014) - A New Instrument to Assess Critical Listening Skills

Peter C. Fontana, Andrew D. Wolvin, Peter Fontana, Steven D. Cohen (2013) - Listening Scales:  A Meta-Analysis

Shaughan Keaton, Graham Bodie, Susanne Jones (2012) - The Nature of Supportive Listening III: Individual Listening Values Moderate the Impact of Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviors on Impressions of Helper Supportive Listening

Graham Bodie and Susanne Jones (2011) - The Nature of Supportive Listening II: The Role of Verbal Person Centeredness and Nonverbal Immediacy

Will Powers and Chris Sawyer (2010) - Toward a Theoretical Framework for Listening Fidelity

ILA Top Convention Student Paper Award (Sponsored by the Research Committee)

Annie Rappeport (2023) - Past as Prologue to Peace in Post-Genocide Cambodia

Cindy Gilson, Catherine Little (2016)--Understanding How Teachers Orient Their Listening in a Reading Program

Amanda Strausser, University of Maryland - College Park, (2015) Listening to Ebola Messages: The Intersection of Listening & Risk Communication

Jennifer Reilly-Bluma, Regent University--(2015) Weaving Ropes With the Desert Fathers: (Re)inventing Rhetorical Theory as Silence & Listening

Andrea Vickery, Shaughan Keaton, Michelle Pence, Graham Bodie (2012) - Intrapersonal Communication and the Listening Process: An Examination of the Functions and Characteristics of Imagined Interactions and Active Empathic Listening

Yukari Kunisue (2010)Deep Listening and Its Effect on Human Communication

ILA Synergist Research Award (Sponsored by the Research Committee)

Christopher D. Bond (2016) - Redefining Listening Online Contexts: A cross-dynamic analysis of online users' perceptions of listening online

Laura Janusik (2015) - Project: Developing a comprehensive list of cognitive and metacognitive listening strategies used in the US English speaking classroom

Shaughan Keaton, Graham D. Bodie, Robert Keteyian  (2012) - The Intersection of Communication Styles and Listening Styles

Graham D. Bodie and Christopher Gearhart (2011) - Is the Highly Sensitive Person a Sensitive Listener? An Initial Investigation into the Relationship between Sensory Processing Sensitivity and Recognition of Emotions

Stephen McCord (2010) - Leadership Style and Listening Practices of IMB Team Leaders: A Correlational Study

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