ILA Convention History

The International Listening Association has met as a body every year since its founding in 1979.

On August 23-24, 1979, Lyman K. "Manny" Steil hosted the "Listening State-of-the-Art Symposium" in Minnesota. According to a letter sent to interested individuals, the meeting would serve as an opportunity to "share important information and experiences and to establish a network of professionals." Twenty-seven people met for the symposium and decided to establish the International Listening Association. Conventions have traditionally been held in February and March. The following have been locations for the annual meetings along with the presiding President and convention theme.

Convention Planners, Themes, Venues

 Planner/President*  City  Theme
 Lyman K. "Manny" Steil  Atlanta, GA Listening: 1980 and Beyond; Birth of the ILA
 Lyman K. "Manny" Steil  Denver, CO Rocky Mountain High
 Sally Webb  Washington, DC Washington Listens '82
 Bob Miller St. Paul, MN  
 Andrew D. Wolvin  Scottsdale, AZ The Field of Listening: Directions in the 80's
 Marguerita Lyle  Orlando, FL Building Bridges Through Listening
 Larry Baker  San Diego, CA Conceptual Frontiers in Listening
 Carolyn Coakley Hickerson  New Orleans, LA Listening in an Age of High Tech - High Touch
 William E. Arnold  Scottsdale, AZ Listening Makes a Difference
 Kittie W. Watson  Atlanta, GA Listening: The Next Generation
 Ethel C. Glenn  Indianapolis, IN Centering Listening in an Oral Culture
 Wayne Bond  Jacksonville, FL Listening as an Agent of Change
 Judi Brownell  Seattle, WA A Listening Mosaic
 Michael Gilbert  Memphis, TN Listening as Empowerment
 Sheila Bentley  Boston, MA Listening: An Agent for Positive Change
 Margaret Fitch-Hauser  Little Rock, AK Listening in the Natural State
 Phillip Emmert  Sacramento, CA Listening: Building Foundations
 Susan Ellen Bacon  Mobile, AL Listening: Celebrate the Past, Prepare for the Future
 Janet Cherry  Kansas City, KS Listening: The Heart of Humanity
 Charles Roberts  Albuquerque, NM Listening Enchantment
 Harvey Weiss  Virginia Beach, VA The Listening Spirit
 Dick Halley  Chicago, IL 2001: An Odyssey Toward Effective Listening
 Kimberly Batty-Herbert  Scottsdale, AZ Listening: The Foundation of Community
 Melissa Beall  Stockholm, Sweden Touch the World: Listen
 Ray McKelvy  Ft. Myers, FL Listen to Bridge the Gulf
 Barbara Nixon  Minneapolis, MN The Power of Listening
 Maria Roca  Salem, OR Listening: The Language of Peace
 Margaret Imhof  Frankfurt, Germany Listen and Make the Connection
 Lisa Orick-Martinez  Portland, ME Listening Lights the Way
 Rick Bommelje  Milwaukee, WI Growing our Listening Legacy: Treasuring Past, Embracing Present, Creating Future
 Laura Janusik  Albuquerque, NM Transformational Listening: Listening for Change
 Chris Bond  Johnson City, TN Listening for a Sustainable Future
 Alan Ehrlich  Bremerton, WA We ARE Listening: Advocate, Research, Educate
 Debra Worthington  Montreal, Canada Listening: The Art, the Science, the Joie de Vivre
 Pamela Cooper  Minneapolis, MN The Power of Storysharing
 Philip Tirpak  Virginia Beach, VA Listening: The Key to Life
 Kent Zimmerman  Tucson, AZ Listening: A Labor of Love!
 Charles Veenstra Omaha, NEListening for Healing
 Helen Ralston
 Dublin, Ireland Listening Beyond Boundaries
 Anita Dorczak   Vancouver, Canada Listening to Conflict
 Lori Joubert Seattle, WAEmbrace the World: Listen to Build Relationships

Each Planned Inducted as President at Convention

Executive Directors of the ILA

Several Executive Directors have served the ILA over the years.

2007-Present Dr. Nanette Johnson-Curiskis, Belle Plaine, Minnesota
1999-2007 Dr. James Pratt, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls, Wisconsin
1996-1999 Dr. Diana Corley Schnapp, Overland Park, Kansas
1995-1996 Kathy Thompson, Alverno College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1991-1994 Dr. Mary Wise Ball, State, Muncie, Indiana
1988-1991 Dr. Charles Roberts, Lake Charles, Lousiana
1985-1987 Dick Quianthy, Pompano Beach, Florida
1983-1985 Dr. Manny & Dee Steil with Chris Anderson, Admin. Secretary, Communication Development, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota
1981-1983 Geri Jwanousksos, Administrative Director, Telstar, St. Paul, Minnesota

Summer and Regional Venues

Conferences have been held when a particular goal or type of work is to be explored in depth by the members of the Association. Among the topics have been intercultural listening, healthcare, the state of listening research, and the creation of the official ILA endorsed definition of listening.

1984     Northwestern College, St. Paul, MN
1985     Northwestern College, St. Paul, MN
1987     King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Canada
1990     Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (Affiliated with International Communication Association)
1995     Massanetta Springs, Harrisonburg, VA
2000     Aomori, Japan
2006     Fall Listening Forum, Kansas City, MO*
2014     Nijmegen, The Netherlands**

Regional Conferences

In an effort to provide greater access to the information and fellowship of the ILA, conferences are occasionally held in various regions of the US and other countries. These conferences are organized and function independently of the annual meeting, with members in each geographical area taking the responsibility of conducting the conferences. The first regional conferences were held in the New York/New Jersey area at Montclair State University.  Regional conferences also took place in Florida, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Nashville. 

*"The Fall 2006 Listening Forum: Measuring the Effects of Listening on Learning, Earning, and Healing" was held in October, 2006. The Listening Forum was co-sponsored by the International Listening Association and Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri. The goals for the Listening Forum were (1) to develop practical instruments to measure the effects of listening in contexts and across contexts, and (2) to develop the listening research agenda for the next five years in the contexts of Business, Education, Healthcare, Religion/Spirituality, and Theory/Research.

**“Transforming Healthcare through the Power of Listening” in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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