ILA Video Archives

There are many ILA archival videos posted on YouTube including the following legendary videos:

1980 Founding convention, Atlanta, GA
The first annual convention of the ILA was held in Atlanta, GA in 1980.  This video (no audio) is a record of many of the faces and activities of the historic event.  As you know, video taping was still in its infancy in 1980; therefore, the quality is not great. However, you can get a sense of the excitement of all who attended experienced.

Ralph Nichols, James I. Brown 1981 Interview, Denver, CO, 1981
In 1981 both Dr. Nichols and Dr. Brown were present at the 2nd Annual ILA convention in Denver, Colorado.  They graciously agreed to an interview. Enjoy as these two "giants" in the field of listening answer questions from Dr. Manny Steil, the founder of the ILA. This is a .mov file and will open with Quicktime Player. Please be patient as it downloads

You can also find the following on YouTube:

2005 Gavel History
2014 Greetings from Dr. Ralph Nichols
1987 Toronto, Canada, summer conference
1992 Seattle, WA convention
25 year panel
1988 Scottsdale, AZ

Contact the Executive Director for a video powerpoint review of the Nichols legacy:  info@listen.org

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