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Special Recognition Award

Individuals and/or organizations who have performed outstanding service to the ILA for an extended period of time, or have provided unusual service to the promotion of listening:

Margarete Imhof (2023)

Debra Worthington (2021)
Kathy O'Brien (2021)
Sandra Bodin-Lerner (2021)
Jean-Francois Mathieu (2020)
Michael Purdy (2019)
Online Webinars Committee (Philip Tirpak, Laura Janusik, Nanette Johnson-Curiskis) (2018)
Jennifer Grau (2018)
International Day of Listening Organizing Committee (Sheila Bentley, Laura Janusik, Andy Wolvin, Margarete Imhof, Helen Ralston, Corine Jensen) (2017) 
Julian Treasure (2016)
Corine Jansen (2015)
Sardool Singh (2014)
Lyman "Manny" and Dee Steil (2011)

Donna Renaud, Richard Halley, Susan Timm, CLP Program (2010)
Alverno College of Milwaukee, StoryCorps created (2009)
The University of Maryland University College (2008).
Rockhurst University, Volker Bernius, Mechthild Hagen, Ludowika Huber (2007)
Edie Cole, Sandy Stein, Margarete Imhof (2006)
Thomas L. Friedman (2005)
Kimberly Batty-Herbert (2003)
Joseph and Anne McGee (2003)
Ball State University
Daisy Bates
Robert Bohlken
Alan Brunacini, Phoenix Fire Chief
Carolyn Coakley Hickerson
Harry Cook (1990)
Michael Cronin
Lisa Vickers Darnell
Fortune Magazine
James Gallagher
Ethen Glenn (1987)
Dee Steil (1985)*
Carole Grau
Green Bay Online
Hallmark Cards
International Paper
Listen, Inc.
Nadine Marsnik (1988)
Hannah Merker
The Mideast Citizen's Diplomacy Compassionate Listening Project
Lucile Nichols
Barbara Nixon
Kenneth Paulin
Richard Quianthy (1988)
Steve Rhodes
Diana Corley Schnapp
ShopKo Stores, Inc.
Sperry Corporation (1980)
Charles Swanson
Kathy Thompson
Harvey Weiss
Wisconsin Public Radio
Mary Wise
Peter van der Shaft (1987)

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