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Have an idea for an Exchange, a Member Meet Up, or a Mini Course series? Submit a proposal. Proposals are are always welcome.

ILA Exchange Guidelines and Proposal Form
ILA Meet Up Guidelines and Proposal Form
ILA Mini-Course Series Guidelines and Proposal Form

Guidelines and proposal forms will download as documents to your hard drive.

Meet Our ILA Online Presenters

Lori Joubert--Listening with Empathy Mini-Course
Krishna Naineni--Listening in Healthcare Mini-Course
Christopher John Ruge--Listening and Autism Exchange
Marc Wong--Listening and Movies Exchange
Ellen Hackl Fagan--What Does Blue Sound Like Exchange
Graham Bodie--Listening with Empathy Mini-Course
Jennifer Grau--Listening with Empathy Mini-Course
Tamsin Hartley--Listening in Healthcare Mini-Course
Steven Hill--Listening and Cultural Differences Exchange
Corine Jansen--Listening in Healthcare Mini-Course
Kat Koppett--Listening is a Muscle Exchange
Livia Walker--Listening is a Muscle Exchange
Margarete Imhof--Listening with Empathy Mini-Course
Marva Shand Mcintosh--Yes! Listening Matters Exchange
Elaine O'Mullane--Listening in Healthcare Mini-Course
Annie Rappeport--Listening in Healthcare Mini-Course
Sheila Bentley--Listening with Empathy Mini-Course

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