ILA Partners

Would your organization like to have:

• A platform for marketing to international members
• Participation in the ILA Speakers Bureau
• Opportunities to present to international audiences in the ILA Webinar Series
• Space at the ILA Annual International Convention
• Papers and articles published in the ILA journals

The ILA is often approached by organizations wishing to partner with us. These are usually companies, universities, non-profits and others who are interested in extending listening capability in their organizations.  Individual people can be ILA one or two year Members, and organizations can be Organizational Members, or ILA Affiliates.

When your organization becomes an ILA Partner, The International Listening Association (ILA) agrees to:

  • List the name of your Organization on the ILA website and include a link to your Organization’s website
  • Provide your Organization with a shared space at the ILA Annual Convention for brochures and other information subject to ILA policies and procedures
  • Offer the opportunity to your Organization to present as part of the ILA Webinar Series where appropriate
  • Encourage your Organization to send proposals for inclusion in the ILA Annual International Convention
  • Disseminate your Organization’s news and announcements through the ILA website and electronic newsletters
  • Consider the inclusion of the names of your Organization’s speakers in the ILA Speakers Bureau
  • Include your Organization’s books, articles, blogs in the ILA website Resources section as determined by ILA policies and procedures
  • Include your Organization’s suggestions in ILA social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Write articles for inclusion in your Organization’s publications
  • Consider articles from your Organization for publication in ILA journals and/or newsletters

    Organizational Members are entitled to all of these benefits and more. For example, Organizational member companies can also send two people to our ILA international convention for special reduced fees held annually at different locations throughout the world.

    Small, or large organizations can become Partners of the International Listening Association.  Businesses, universities, healthcare centers, voluntary organizations, music groups are all becoming part of the ILA worldwide network spanning 21 countries.

    Apply to become an ILA Partner by clicking Join and choosing either the Organizational Member or Special Affiliate Status option. 

    Some Of Our Partners


    Glocal Academy 

    Glocal Academy is India’s largest healthcare communication skills training centre. They teach strategies to improve the quality of clinical communication, to deal with sad, bad and difficult news. Participants learn how an optimum healthcare team works together constructively and effectively.

    Sinclair Community College

    Sinclair celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2012. It is among the largest community colleges in America with 32,000 students. The student-to-faculty ratio of nineteen-to-one is among the lowest at any Ohio college. Students who complete degrees at Sinclair see a 114% median increase in their yearly earnings the first year after graduation.  Sinclair looks to help students succeed in their studies and in the changing workforce of the future.

    Queensborough Community College

    At its founding in 1937, Queens College was hailed as “the college of the future.” Now part of the City University of New York (CUNY), Queens College offers a rigorous education in the liberal arts and sciences under the guidance of a faculty dedicated to both teaching and research. The college’s centers and institutes serve students and the larger community by addressing society’s most important challenges - including cancer, pollution, and racism.

    Taylor and Francis

    Taylor and Francis is one of the world’s leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events businesses. With more than 6,500 employees globally, Taylor and Francis has a presence in all major geographies, including North America, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


    ECHO Listening Intelligence is a management development company based in Boulder, Colorado that creates tools to help teams grow smarter together through improved listening. They are the creators of the ECHO Listening Profile, a scientifically based, statistically reliable listening assessment that enables organizations to understand the listening styles and corresponding behaviors of teams, individual employees, and future hires. Different people listen "to" and "for" different kinds of information, and understanding your own listening habits can greatly enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with others. Since its development in 2008, companies have used the ECHO Listening Profile to support hiring, management development, training and cultural onboarding. 

    Kean University

    Kean University is a world-class university offering more than 52 undergraduate and 35 graduate programs including doctoral programs in psychology and education leadership. It also has the New Jersey Center for Science Technology and Mathematics (NJCSTM) dedicated to the development of a new generation of mathematics, science and technology teachers and researchers.

    Positive Dynamics

    Positive Dynamics has been working in Europe for more than 30 years. Led by Anne Storey, the company specializes in Culture Change and Transformation, Executive and Board Performance, HR Strategy and Business Coaching.

    Leaders Today

    Leaders Today is the flagship brand of “Mathieu & Cie. Coaching and Consulting” based in Geneva Switzerland, a partnership firm that provides organizational consulting and coaching skills solutions such as leader coach, coaching culture and listening culture for global organizations.

    Listening is a core quality one needs to become an effective Leader.

    Jean Fran├žois Mathieu, CE, Music Composer, Listening Culture Designer 

    Saba Imru-Mathieu, MA, PCC, Executive Leadership Coach


    Manchester University

    Manchester University has campuses in North Manchester and Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA offering more than 60 areas of academic study to 1,600 students in undergraduate programs, a Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics, a Master of Athletic Training and a four-year professional Doctor of Pharmacy.  www.manchester.edu

    PMA International


    PMA International is led by Paul McGee, also known as the Sumo Guy http://www.thesumoguy.com/. He is the author of a number of books including How to Speak so that People Really Listen: http://www.thesumoguy.com/portfolio/how-to-speak-so-people-really-listen/. If you missed Paul’s interview with Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 (his show is the most listened to radio show in Europe) then click here to check it out on YouTube. You'll discover some of his top tips, including the surprising advice he gave to Chris's ninety one year old mother who's a bit of a worrier. Happy listening!

    Listen First Project

    Listen First Project encourages conversations towards increased respect and understanding - inspiring hope and behavior change, one ‘Listen First Pledge and Conversation’ at a time. LFP drives the Listen First movement to restore relationships, bridge divides, and mend the frayed fabric of society.

    Someone To Tell It To


    The Someone To Tell It To organization models intentional listening and compassionate presence. Michael  Gingerich, M.Div, and Tom Kaden, M.Div are co-founders.  They take the time to build trust, ask good  questions, and offer authentic, non-judgmental care. 

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